Weekly Wrap-Up – November 25


With the constantly changing political and social climate, it’s hard to keep up with key events that take place. Each week we curate a selection of notable events so that you can remain informed about current art, design, sustainability and marketing developments. 

Untraditional Social Media Platform Ranked #1 For Most Trustworthy Product Opinions

In a qualitative study by Reddit / Talk Shoppe called “Find your People”, they found that Reddit ranked #1 for having the most trustworthy opinions on products and services and that brand participation is welcomed on the platform. Reddit is a less traditional form of social media that is more community-based, and the separation of audiences into niche communities makes it more effective for brands to build trust and drive action. Reddit users are more receptive to interacting with brands as another member of the community and, similar to TikTok, see the informal and personal side of the brand. Reddit creates the perfect platform for building authentic and meaningful connections. 

Australia’s Carbon Offsetting Leaves Much To Be Desired

A new report commissioned by the Albanese government seems to be supporting criticisms that Australia’s carbon credits are “largely a sham”. The study examined the strengths and limitations of four methods used in generating Australian carbon credits and how effectively they reduced or avoided emissions. The four methods included human-induced regeneration (HIR), avoided deforestation, landfill gas and carbon capture and storage, and each were found to have flaws. In some cases, carbon credits were given for projects that would have gone ahead regardless, rendering the carbon offset pointless. There are more than thirty methods of carbon offsetting used in Australia, and the report calls into question the integrity of the remaining methods.

Murdoch Media Having A Blast With Dan Andrews Conspiracy Theories

The onslaught of anti-Dan Andrews stories by the Herald Sun, News Corporation and other associated Murdoch Media eerily copies the tried and tested FOX News style in the US. Over the past four weeks countless articles have been released, each with the effort of undermining and delegitimising Dan Andrews. First it was a reopening of a long-solved traffic accident by his wife and a cyclist, then questioning the injury he received by making the front cover news story about his stairs. It all becomes quite clear that the Murdoch media are disgruntled at having Labor in power, and their ‘journalism’ falls dangerously close to propaganda. The integrity of journalism is suffering from this degenerate reporting that is commonplace in America, and it perpetuates laughable conspiracy theories as mainstream news. 

Man Spends 25 Minutes Pulling In Goldfish Monster 

A UK man hauled in an almost 70 pound goldfish, potentially breaking records for the world’s largest goldfish. Despite its brilliant golden colours, it is actually a hybrid species of leather carp and koi carp that was introduced into the lake 15 years ago for fishermen to catch. The fish is estimated to be 20 years old, and was released back into the lake. 

Nintendo Releases A Banger In Time For The Holidays

In their rush to release the game in time for the holiday season, Nintendo’s newest open world game Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been released with a host of bugs and glitches. Some of the shortfalls experienced by players include players simply falling through the floor, NPC’s walking through Pokemon battle scenes and player characters becoming a bit…discombobulated. Some players have complained that the bugs render the games basically unplayable. Despite the frustration of receiving a buggy game, the compilation of glitches is highly entertaining. The games are the worst reviewed games of the franchise and Nintendo has approved refunds for the game, which costs $64 on the Switch. 

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